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Mobility Workshop

Design reflects human desire and, at the same time, has the power to enrich our lives. Adopting the concept of Design to live by, Hyundai Motorstudio Busan goes beyond automobile designs to present a range of design exhibitions on the entire spectrum of life-enriching designs in our daily routines.

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    0 <Do You Miss the Future?>Digital Exhibition

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    The first section, ‘Post City,’ deals with the present and future of urban spaces designed to withstand disasters. The modern urban crisis has been exacerbated both by increasing inequality and by social, ecological, and political instability. The appearance of the pandemic in early 2020 clearly delineated the vulnerabilities of urban spaces to social distresses.

    People’s Architecture Office, Re-tracing Buro, Manuel Rossner, Florian Goldmann


    The concept of “ghost work” best captures the human condition of working under the shadow of digital technology. How are we being designed when our reorganization by technology goes deeper than society, industry, or city, to extend its grip to the individual? With this question in mind, this section explores alternative ways to restore the lost relationship between technology, labor, and the human.

    Julien Prévieux,Minsu Oh, People’s Architecture Office


    The third section deals with the notion of the ‘hyperobject’ and the challenge it presents to our conventional thinking in its breaking down of the boundaries between human and non-human, civilization and nature, politics and ecology. In a world of hyperobjects, one overflowing with the indigestible stuff resulting from human-centered design, what other perspectives do we need? In this part, we present design-driven thinking and practice that transforms the networks of relationships between humans, non-humans, and the world, speaking to the permeation of material reality by the hyperobject.

    Alex Rickett•JohnBrumley, Studio Hik, Everyday Practice

    4 2050

    The last part of the exhibition, “2050,” guides the audience to a future near in time but distant from our imaginations. In science fiction novels, movies, and imaginary architecture, the predominant mode in which the future has been depicted has been one of dystopia, not utopia. But these catastrophic prophecies animate the perspectives and practices of those who have designed the future; they demonstrate the need for change, calling for a concrete reconfiguration of a future unwritten.

    Sungseok Ahn, Vladan Joler, Yeseul Oh•WooseokJang, Ordinary People, Drawing Architecture Studio

<Do You Miss the Future?>
The theme of this year’s Hyundai Blue Prize for Design is ‘Value of Time’. This exhibition, curated by HBP Design 2021 winner Somi Sim, explores how to imagine a future 30 years from a present moment at which it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine the future. The exhibition title, “Do You Miss the Future?” is borrowed from the title of a 2014 interview with cultural critic Mark Fisher, in which he shares his concerns over cultural regression and the loss of an idea of future time. Through the perspectives of designers, visual artists, and researchers, this exhibition goes in search of the lost time of the future belonging to a human race living in the widespread anxiety of the present. Based on the brand vision of "Progress for Humanity,” Hyundai Motor has been striving to provide Quality Time that makes every moment truly worthwhile. In this context, this exhibition aims to convey the value of time by depicting the future we have lost through various design imaginations. We hope that all visitors will meet the future reinterpreted in the language of design closely interrelated to everyday human life, and shape their future with greater value.

People’s Architecture Office, Re-tracing Buro, Manuel Rossner, Florian Goldmann, Julien Prévieux,Minsu Oh, Studio Hik, Alex Rickett•JohnBrumley, Everyday Practice, Sungseok Ahn, Yeseul Oh•Wooseok Jang, Vladan Joler, Ordinary People, Drawing Architecture Studio