Special Features

Open in January 2015, you can meet Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow on Novy Arbat Street, the center of Moscow.
The dream of Hyundai Motor Company for green, future mobility unravels before your eyes.
You are also welcome to feel relaxed in downtown at a library with books carefully selected by Hyundai Motor Company and a café with specialty coffee.


Future Mobility

What will the human-centered future mobility look like? Experience the future mobility at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow. NEXO, the eco-friendly hydrogen fuel battery vehicle, and smart city miniatures will be on display and a VR-assisted experience is available for UAM (Urban Air Mobility).


HEART, the central space of Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow, delivers visual artistry and works as a social hub in communication with customers. A variety of events and programs will be ready for you each month.


The library is housed with an assortment of books related to various life styles including art, design, fashion, automobile, environment, etc. Enjoy relaxing moments at the library where you can see the whole downtown of Moscow.


You can meet specialty coffee and bakery prepared at Cosmic Latte, a local café brand in Moscow.

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