From a means for human mobility to a space of moving human minds

Enjoy a variety of programs that allow you to experience Hyundai Motorstudio to the fullest extent.

Run Forever 2021

This art piece is a creation made from a close collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company, visualizing the company's design orientations as well as eco-friendly energy technologies headed towards clean mobility society in the future. Demonstrated in the work, the running person becomes one with the nature through Hyundai Motor Company's clean fuel and further gets rotated into energy facilitating infinite running.

Welcome to
Hyundai Motorstudio

Hyundai Motorstudio is a place for Hyundai’s new experiments to realize new possibilities. Hyundai Motorstudio provides customers the opportunities to freely dream and think. Instead of just telling you about our technologies, we hope to convey the values that Hyundai aim for.


Campaign to Fight Climate Change


MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2021


Re:Style 2021

Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang

The largest experiential automobile theme park where you can enjoy an up close and personal experience of car building process and car functions.

Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul

Listen to the surprising stories surrounding the cars in this new Hyundai Motor Company‘s laboratory.

Hyundai Motorstudio Hanam

Experience the future lifestyle here, which is filled with the Company‘s boundless potentials and innovative efforts.

Hyundai Motorstudio Busan

Design to live by
Design that enriches our daily lives.

Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing

Connect with us through innovative ideas and arts.

Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow

Feel the innovative energies of new ideas.

Hyundai Motorstudio Senayan Park

You can see our clean mobility vision and efforts for a sustainable future.

Hyundai Motorstudio ZPTETO

Experience future mobility experiences in virtual Hyundai Motorstudio on the ZEPETO metaverse platform.